• Subjective Reality of NattieMoee

    Life is about spinning in circles to find out that there are times when the ground seems to disappear from beneath your feet and other times to find it to be just where you remember it. My creativity and curiosity keep me spinning in circles, but my passion for all things advertising, marketing, PR and positive keep me grounded. HENCE, the time has come the walrus said to blog about it.
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An Eye for Green

There really is no reason that minimal funding and lack of expertise should hinder even the mere idea of a great event. Social Enterprises (my internship) steps in to help non-profits and sustainable social organizations to achieve a mission, a goal, and maybe even a dream of producing an impact worth repeating. My workday is … Continue reading

Can’t Help But CravePortland

Honestly, people can make life look hard sometimes. Why are rocks thrown at things that shine? CravePortland is not about throwing rocks at those that shine. It stands for all those that shine and wants to stand with others whom shine, or wish to share. It provides tools to be better, feel empowered, and get … Continue reading

Versatile Blogger Award

I thank @TamarackTreeTea for the Versatile Blogger Award. She blogs under delightfulness at http://delightfulness.wordpress.com/ So definitely check her out, follow her, tweet her, essentially online stalk her, please. What I know: By accepting the challenge here I am becoming a network participant. I will only prescribe to the rules I want to, but I will … Continue reading

The Sand Box of Articulation

With life being one of those chaotic cluster blanks where you are forced to either – really shut yourself off from wanting to learn or (like me) take every situation, story, problem, etc. over analyze it to just spit out a new approach. Over the past couple weeks, in my own “Sand Box” I have … Continue reading

Networking Chaos

Networking can be the most entertaining, stressful, fun, aggravating thing. I find it to be intriguing to discuss the people that inspired as well as the creepers. There are individuals that you decide after leaving that you are going to emulate, and ones that shook your hand thinking you were their next life partner. If … Continue reading

Go Green PR w/ Me

The ultimate goal of Public Relation is to present a company in a positive light and enhance reputation. By swapping company out with you, it is essentially about how to present yourself to the world. Now, for PR it is research, research, and understanding the people. What makes the public happy, or unhappy, then how … Continue reading

In My Canadian Language

Turns out Canada is ridiculously expensive, well-dressed, and cold. For some reason beyond my control, this trip was completely centered around me learning about perception and perspective. I found myself pondering the idea of perception in terms of relationships, culture, and business structure. Venturing around a new place with someone, without a phone, is a … Continue reading

A Self Kindness Collaboration

I AM ENOUGH. These words are hard to believe, but that alone doesn’t make them any less true. I struggle with this statement just as much as the next person. The difference is that I choose compassion, connection, and happiness more then I chose to self-loath. I believe beyond any reasonable doubt in the art … Continue reading

The Beginning of Blogging

Awkwardness is the name of the game. The name of the game is awkwardness. Let’s go. The importance of the first blog post. That is it. A confusing segment of a sentence for a confusing start. What should I say? Who do I write to or maybe who to write for? Is this for the people … Continue reading